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From backyard pasture to sweeping sport horse farm, there are horse and facility management practices that remain constant across the board! This course offers a comprehensive and universal system that anyone can use to run their own horse farm like the pros. With proper management, your horses will thrive, your hard work will all have reason and purpose and your time with them will be fun and productive (horse dependent, of course...;) )

Some of the things addressed in this course

Basic reqirements

Safety Standards

Pasture management

Parasite management

Feed and Bedding

Design basics

Horses of Habit -Scheduling basics for farrier & veterinary

Horses of Habit -Scheduling basics for feeding, turnout, etc

General Illness Prevention - identifying and addressing the most common (and dangerous) ailments

Equipment Lists - basics to gear dorkdom

This course features feed management guideline downloads, scheduling templates, stall cards templates, individual horse management templates, etc, all for download and use with your own horse.