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More Than Mere Horsemanship

Designed to address and build complete information from the most seemingly simple basic elements of horsemanship through advanced concepts of equine innovation and management, we seek to build the most comprehensive picture available in one place... and deliver it in a way that is friendly, engaging and inspiring!

The standard we have always been very proud to hold is that when our knowledge and expertise finds it's limit, we seek those better than us to provide answer or service to serve our clients' needs and fulfill their grandest visions.  To that end, we have slowly built selective lifelong relationships with equine and business professionals who maintain top-level integrity, and world-class expertise in their fields.  In this manner, we are able to offer teaching and service to our clients and students that we hope is unequaled, (in addition to being a fun, welcoming place for all horse enthusiasts, regardless of discipline or level of expertise, to gather!)

The ageless world of the horse is narrowing.  This humble creature who has walked beside us through our very progress has shifted from a nobly perceived necessary being, without whom our very history and present would not exist, into a mysterious luxury that somehow, we know deep in our bones, holds an innate ability to tie us to something better.

As we have been so profoundly connected to the horse as partners in our progress, we cannot miss that the threads link also to something older, more elemental in our DNA, in our psyche...

And much like a surfer who is pulled to the ocean, for those whose hearts are pulled to the horse... there really is nothing else for it.

It is for these people The Complete Horse was created.


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beautiful image of a gray horse show jumping with his tail flying
The Complete Horse Jumper Champion Hattrick
The Complete Horse Pure Spanish Mare & Filly

Leslie Goodyear

Equine Expert

Funny how life works...

My poor angels were browbeaten for such a long time with story and Hollywood and rare entrepreneurial tracks that when my heart wandered back to thoughts of the great equine beasts that occupied my life utterly until I lost the one of thousands that mattered, these angels began to outdo themselves.  Perhaps they're relieved to be back in familiar territory.


I wonder if perhaps this credit is somewhat due by association with my darling Dodger...

the consummate problem horse whom even an olympic gold medalist found too challenging to ride, and my partner for nearly 20 years.   Because of him, and many thousand thoroughbreds in Kentucky and France..., a hefty ongoing dose of humility and some sort of unexplainable invisible velcro on my seat and saddle...  I gained a profound understanding of the power of body language, of the subtleties of anticipation and of communication of limitations, real or perceived.  I also know that through the real partnership with a horse, one must understand grander things, like loyalty, like trust... and consideration of the way a being exists in it's natural state - without me...   Asking for excellence while appealing to those three things are the true elements of foundation, and gives ground for the engagement and blossoming of real talent - (a lesson for business leaders...)

Through the grace of an astonishing and beloved friendship, and by an extraordinary path forged around the world and through cultures by the borderless connection to the heart of a horse, I was given a very young PRE Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion.  The horse sized and shaped hole in my life was, as it turns out, precisely his size and shape - Iberian head and all.  Imagine, then, that he wasn't nearly fully grown.  As he matures day by day, all little girl dreams, and thwarted competitor's secret visions are surpassed.   What a dream to see in front of you the true possibility of engaging the work that may reveal just how talented you really are...  I ask daily how I may ever balance the blessing of such a gift.

The answer comes in sharing what I know.

The Complete Horse is the vehicle for that.  It is the gathering place and teaching platform for 30 years of professional equine information, innovation and community of international expertise that has been built on the same exact foundations I teach here.
Foundations steeped in things like:

-5 Years working with Joss Collins,  British Bloodstock Agency & Blanford Bloodstock evaluating 4,000 - 6,000+ Thoroughbreds per year for race, and breeding prospects.

-Preparation, development, show and sales of Thoroughbred sales horses at Keeneland, Fasig Tipton, etc. sales

-Preparation, lead show & sales of European sale topper yearlings in Deauville France and Newmarket (Included prepping and showing Sadlers Wells sale-topper colt whose Arqana price record stood for 24  years)

-Managing quarantine & international shipping programs for horses shipping around the world

-Travel and work with equine veterinarians, fertility specialists, equine accupuncture and chiropractic innovators, equine sports medicine experts, etc.

-International Equine business and investment program development from the United Arab Emirates to Europe and across North America

- Purchase and campaign of USEF Horse of the Year for young jumpers Catango V on behalf of an amazing client

-Purchase and campaign of Hattrick van de Noordheuval - ranked #6 in North America for 5 year old Jumpers in North America on behalf of amazing client

-International Acquisition of endurance, dressage, amateur and professional sport horses and teams

-Consultant & development of competitive international equine programs, management, campaigns, investments, etc.

-Breeding, foaling, training, management, etc.

-Fresh, new student of Doma Vaquera with my Spanish stallion, Orgulloso BV

-Humbly advancing student of all things Friesian with my promising young Stallion, Vance fan Signature Friesians - a lad who was orphaned when only 8 hours old.

-Native of the Rocky Mountains and admirer of real horsemen cowboys.

-Licensed Falconer... (extending my love for those things that remain the same across border and culture, and from age to age.)

True horsemen are natural leaders... They know it isn't about them, but about understanding and bringing out the singular magic and greatness standing in front of them. The best among them make that shift as quietly as a sunset.

Leslie Goodyear is an internationally recognized advisor and strategist for equine and media business development and equine investments. Her work includes international business protocol development, strategic partnership development, personal and business consulting, international equine export, equine management, purchasing, show campaigns, marketing strategy, etc., that stretched from the United Arab Emirates and Europe and across North America.

As the founder of The Complete Horse, Leslie's mission is to connect 30 years of solid equine business knowledge, inspiration and her awesome international network of experts with everyone from the dreamer to seasoned expert who wishes to know more about horses from a knowledgable place that is as welcome as a warm barn.

Leslie resides in her native Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her host of horses and dogs and her wonderful husband, Gregg, who miraculously seems to understand it all... most days.

We'd love to have you join us today!