The Complete Horse Champion Buyers Guide Cover

Easily navigating the notorious, shark-infested waters of the horse world to buy the horse of your dreams (and have fun doing it) is merely a matter of system


The Complete Horse official Guide to Purchasing a Horse "The Champion Buyer's Guide" Is what you have been looking for to put yourself in the drivers seat as your own advocate in the process of buying a horse - even if you aren't a horse expert.

If you think you're ready to step into the horse life, or just really curious and want to know how to identify and purchase the right horse for you that is safe, sound, solid (and yes, dreamy), while smartly navigating the deal-making pitfalls the horse world is famous for, this course is absolutely for you!

During this 6 week course you'll learn the exact formula Leslie uses for buying and importing investment horses such as Jumpers, Pure Spanish Horses, a USEF Horse of the Year (Catango V) Thoroughbreds, endurance horses, sport horses, ranch horses and beloved backyard ponies.. You’ll look over her shoulder as she walks you through how to be your own advocate, set up your own Super Net system, exact negotiation strategies, how to look critically at every horse to weigh greatness and weakness, the 3 fatal anatomy red flags, and how to know your field before you ever step into it.

While there are indeed honorable sellers and dealers with right intention and solid integrity, appreciating them while employing a system that shines light on all parts of the deal to keep things honest will save you money, heartache and even safety.

Whether this is your first run at buying a horse, and you’re looking for insight (and very good alternatives if it isn’t quite the right time) or if you are a seasoned veteran who would like to add to your own bag of tricks. This is the course for you.

Some of what you'll discover:

Ready to Ride?

The 4 key questions you need to answer to know whether you're ready for horse ownership (and the very cool options to have horses in your life anyway if the answer happens to be "not yet")

Over My Shoulder

A walk through of the exact system I use when evaluating every horse under consideration for purchase, from backyard pony to $500K European investment jumper. How I look at a sale horse critically and point out my 5 anatomy red flags.

Your Own Advocate

The three most common under-the-table deals between professionals involved in the purchase of your horse (even your own trainer!), and my system to keep the deal on the table and the players relatively honest - without drama.

Know Your Field

The 10 most important questions to ask the seller (that tell you about the horse... and tell you about the seller) and the 3 requirements all horses must have before even being considered.

Super-Net System

How I circumvent any question of ethics while being professional and friendly, and find unsoundness that sellers know how to hide with my super-net system (and how to build yours)

Art Of The Deal

How to use the EXACT negotiation strategies I use, and the number one greatest ace card I carry to move around typical hangups that railroad a deal.

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