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From preparation and safety to approaching and handling a horse from pasture to groom to tack... these are the foundations you need to know

Friends with horses? Dreams of horses? Horse vacation looming?

Everyone who has wanted to learn about or work with horses, raise your hand! Everyone who digs somebody who is into horses, raise your hand... Everyone who has worked with horses but has missed out on some foundation information and is too embarrassed or intimidated to ask, raise your hands...

We have all been there... Please don't let any of that stop you, because YOU are the inspiration for this course!

This course offers the foundations of horsemanship most trainers and folks with horses expect you to know before heading into a barn, but may or may not actually teach you! This foundational information will show you everything from how to establish a safe presence around horses, easy rules to approach and handle a horse, groom with techniques reserved for experts and tack up with system and knowledge that will impress even the crustiest horsemen.

Everything at The Complete Horse builds on this simple but very important information. With this course, you'll have the foundations to build a solid lifetime with horses, garner respect from fine and leathery horse people, and keep your toes much safer in the process...

Welcome to The Complete Horse!

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