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The full and complete picture of costs for keeping and managing a horse, from backyard buddy to big circuit campaigner


The Complete Horse Guide to Equinomics Is what you have been looking for to look the nebulous, big fat hairy beast - the real costs for keeping a horse, squarely in the eye once and for all so you can eliminate sleepless nights wondering and make informed decisions about your equine visions.

Remember the thing they say, "purchasing a horse is the cheapest part"?  Well.  It's true.  But it doesn't need to be a mystery and it doesn't need to be a shock - but it sure does need to be addressed.

During this 3 week course, you'll learn the right numbers as Leslie takes a deep dive into the real costs of having horses, and helps find the places where you can save (and reveals the places where you absolutely can't)  and if done right, where you can splurge.  It also includes a growing master list of unexpected money drains, and how to plan for them ahead of time without stressing out (too much).

This course is built on real numbers from real scenarios as well as some over-the-shoulder tests to show the kind of foundations and concepts that will apply to you and your horse.  Included are budget planners and ideas for making it all work - and bonuses that help with the building blocks for real life with a horse

Whether you're just gathering good information as you plan for your dream horse, or you're a pro who wants to clean up your budget as you look at moving to the next level.  This is the course for you.

Some of what you'll discover:

Build Your Own Full Picture

Leslie outlines the 5 non-negotiable costs for keeping horses, and the thresholds you can expect.


Over My Shoulder

A walk through of the exact system Leslie uses when setting a budget every year.  This includes real-time testing of opinions and myth-busting to discover and illustrate the reality of costs and where you can actually save with things like bedding for her stallion Orgulloso (shavings vs straw) farrier timing Prepare to see Leslie get schooled on some of her own crusty established beliefs... or not.

The Costs That Will Save You

The three most surprising costs that can head off disaster... and usually do. Learn some best practices for optimizing your budget and know about anticipating seasonal shifts in costs.

Insurance... unmasked

There's a lot of question out there about insuring a horse... Leslie brings in the real insurance honchos so you can hear the real deal right from them.

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