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The Complete Horse Private Membership

Join Leslie for live webinars twice per month for real-time training in all equine topics - from interviews with equine leaders and experts for deep dive look into new innovations you can put to work immediately to nutrition and general management, safe barn designs, equine world news and events, product reviews, lifestyle, beautiful barn visits and live Q/A from members.   This program is perfect for horse owners from all disciplines, and people who want to learn about and talk horses in a friendly knowledgable place

(plus there are a lot of outstanding bonuses!)


The Complete Horse Guide to Basic Horsemanship

From preparation and safety to approaching, handling a horse from pasture to groom to tack... these are the foundations you need to know

This 5 week course offers the foundations of horsemanship most trainers and folks with horses expect you to know before heading into a barn, but may or may not actually teach you!

You will learn everything from how to establish a safe presence around horses, easy rules to approach and handle a horse, groom with techniques reserved for experts and tack up with the system and knowledge that will impress even the crustiest horsemen, and more!

Everything at The Complete Horse builds on the simple but very important information here.

If you're a dreamer of horses, or have a true desire to take your destiny with them into your own hands, The Complete Horse Guide to Basic Horsemanship will give you the step-by-step process, confidence and knowledge to take you to the next level with your horsemanship, and you'll have the true foundations to build a solid lifetime with horses.

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The Complete Horse Guide to Equinomics

The full picture of costs for keeping and maintaining a horse (and strategies to ease the pain)

Remember the thing they say "purchasing a horse is the cheapest part"? Well... it's true. But it doesn't need to be a mystery and it doesn't need to be a shock - but it does need to be addressed!

This 3 week course takes a deep dive into the real costs of having horses, and helps find the places where you can save (and where you can't) and where you can splurge...

Included are real numbers from real scenarios, lists of the unexpected, budget planners and ideas for making it all work.

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The Complete Horse Champion Buyers Guide Cover

The Complete Horse Guide to Purchasing a Horse

If you think you're ready to step into the horse life, and want to know how to identify and purchase the right horse for you that is safe, sound, solid (and yes, dreamy), while smartly navigating the deal-making pitfalls the horse world is famous for, this course is absolutely for you!

During this 6 week course you'll learn the exact formula Leslie uses for buying and importing investment horses such as Pure Spanish Horses, a  USEF Horse of the Year (Catango V) Thoroughbreds, endurance horses, sport horses, ranch horses and beloved backyard ponies..  You’ll look over her shoulder as she walks you through how to be your own advocate, set up your own Super Net system, exact negotiation strategies, how to look critically at every horse to weigh greatness and weakness, the 3 fatal anatomy red flags, and how to know your field before you ever step into it.

While there are indeed honorable sellers and dealers with right intention and solid integrity, appreciating them while employing a system that shines light on all parts of the deal to keep things honest will save you money, heartache and even safety.

Whether this is your first run at buying a horse, and you’re looking for insight (and very good alternatives if it isn’t quite the right time) or if you are a seasoned veteran who would like to add to your own bag of tricks.  This is the course for you.

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The Complete Horse Super Prep Series

The Complete Horse Ultimate Makeover Series is here!!

Join Leslie for this unprecedented 8 week series that follows her "over the shoulder" style as she engages the exact techniques and timeline she uses to prepare multi-million dollar Thoroughbreds for the sale ring to bring her KFPS Friesian Stallion, Vance from his winter off to completely show-ring fit.

This series puts all of the other TCH Courses into practical practice in real time. It's full of special tips and tricks that Leslie has learned over the years that, frankly, she doesn't share with anyone because they give her horses that extra fairy dust that sets them apart.

Students will receive calendar, scheduling and progress downloads and access to our private group of horse preppers where Leslie will drop extra tips, ghost webinars, bonuses and contests and super fun incentives to keep the series fun and preppers on track!

The bonuses, special surprise guests and materials for this course are some of the best in the whole TCH stable!  It will be incredibly useful for those with horses they want to bring into their very best condition, and even for those who are dreaming about or love horses who want to join in the fun and learn no-pressure top-level horsemanship and management from a completely different perspective.

Things this course will employ:

-Progressive Fitness
-Nutrition & Supplements
-Veterinary Maintenance
-Schedules (with mileposts)
-Cool gadgets put to use

The Complete Horse Guide to Home Stable Management

From backyard pasture to sweeping sport horse farm, there are horse and facility management practices that remain constant across the board!

This 8 week course offers a comprehensive and universal system that anyone can use to run their own horse farm like the pros. With proper management, your horses will thrive, your hard work will all have reason and purpose and your time with them will be fun and productive (horse dependent, of course...;) )

Some of the things addressed in this course

Basic requirements

Safety Standards

Pasture management

Parasite management

Feed and Bedding

Design basics

Horses of Habit -Scheduling basics for farrier & veterinary

Horses of Habit -Scheduling basics for feeding, turnout, etc

General Illness Prevention - identifying and addressing the most common (and dangerous) ailments

Equipment Lists - basics to gear dorkdom

This course features feed management guideline downloads, scheduling templates, stall cards templates, individual horse management templates, etc, all for download and use with your own horse.

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The Complete Horse Guide to Equine Nutrition

This course moves from basic to deliciously advanced

It begins with the simple picture of what is necessary to feed a horse, why and philosophies that will help you address your horse's general needs, challenges and thrive points. We feature expert interviews with equine nutrition experts, holistic veterinarians, traditional veterinarians, equine athlete trainers and farm managers

We cover

Types of hay

Types of feed,

Supplement reviews

Basic nutrition disorders

Feed scheduling

Toxic plants

The digestive overview and inflammation

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TCH Thumbnail Veterinary

The Complete Horse Guide to Horseman's Veterinary

While never a replacement for your veterinarian, this course teaches the basics of the must-knows for horse owners to have in their hip pockets to recognize and head off as many medical disasters as we can think of, address problems before the vet arrives, yearly scheduling, basic treatments of common ailments and injuries

Veterinary schedules

General health schedules and long concept

Deworming demystified


Early signs of Colic and what to do about it.

Early signs of Founder

Laymen's Meds (definitions and uses)

This course is ongoing and will continue to build... (as it builds... the price will go up, so early students will really benefit the most!) Student with this course will also have access to a private facebook group

The Complete Horse Private Client Consulting

Sometimes it's just easier to work one on one!

From a simple conversation to more involved advocacy and direction, we build the most important element in the horse world: solid knowledge that builds relationship.

Whatever your level, wherever you are in the world, what remains true is that the horse is constant.

That is where we start.

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Upcoming Courses:

The Complete Horse Guide to Horse Transport

The Complete Horse Guide to Safe Barn and Farm Design

The Complete Horse Guide to Breeds and Sports

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