Equine Services & Private Consulting

From friendly expert advice about purchasing your first horse to full private consulting for international equine investment and development programs, existing program audits and live and virtual equine business leadership events, we'll help you to develop your vision or help boost what you already have.

Let's put hooves under those visions...

Private Owner/Buyer Consulting

From a simple conversation to more involved advocacy and direction, we build the most important element in the horse world: solid knowledge that builds relationship.  Whatever your level, wherever you are in the world, what remains true is that the horse is constant. That is where we start.

Equine Program Development

From quiet dreams of happy family stables to grand traveling international equine sports teams, national champion campaigns, building foundational breeding programs and many visions in between, there are systems to build your vision.

Farm Development & Reviews

Farm efficiency, comfort, and most importantly, safety is often not so easy to see from the inside.  We offer a fresh view, insights and perhaps a few useful innovations and systems you may have never thought of to make your farm fit and exceed the vision you always had for it.

Equine Investment & Purchasing

With the evaluation of nearly 10,000 horses under her belt, something was bound to stick.  Leslie took that very fortunate depth of experience and focused it where her passions are with remarkable success.  With multiple horses ranked in the top 10 in the nation, national champions, amateur champions, and regularly profitable investment imports paving a track record makes the game exciting.  Put her system, integrity and long-established professional inner circle to work for you.  Client openings are extremely limited, carefully discerning, discreet and not commission based.

Equine based business leadership events

Horsemen are natural leaders...


As part of a parallel evolutionary story they have learned skills by necessity and second layer response - and without realizing it, the best of them have developed something measurable and unique within themselves.

By the immutable truth of 1200 pounds of flight, they have developed decision rarely found on earth, and a response to that which is outside of themselves, which in turn may be tuned to elicit greatness from chaos.

In the oldest sense, they are attuned to the comfort of a right and respectful authority.  By force, a sense of the end result may be obtained for function and nothing more, however, the inspired response of the leader to and by equus is an inspired breathing thing - therein exists the opportunity for greatness, growth. Excellence.

There is simple, tangible four-step method to this unique and inspired leadership that translates to the entity of business. This course demystifies the relationship and translates it to business growth in the face of pace and mass information

Online equine training programs

The Complete Horse Guide series is an unparalleled digital teaching program focused on equine management and horsemanship designed to serve beginners and dreamers as well as seasoned experts.  Join this dynamic community to gain access to an incredible library of equine knowledge from the comfort of your own home

Leslie Goodyear Author Equine Expert The Complete Horse

Through the courses at The Complete Horse, and as a private equine advisor, Leslie Goodyear Brings an old steeped belonging with horses, and hard subtle lessons taught first from a troubled Thoroughbred named Dodger, and thousands since him. Having grown into an internationally recognized advisor and strategist for equine and media business development as well as equine investment, she has a particular care for sharing and teaching about them, and has worked with horses and their owners and built inspiring programs from the Middle East, throughout Europe, and all over North and South America for nearly 30 years.