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First Horse Show as a Spectator? Here’s What To Wear & What To Do

By Leslie | Jul 23, 2020

The Complete Horse’s “How To Do Horse Shows” Insider’s Guide Equestrian shows are thrilling events that showcase the power, skill, and beauty of both horses and riders. Attending your first horse show as a spectator can be such an exciting experience, and understanding the appropriate attire and etiquette will really help you to fully enjoy…

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1001 Facts About Horses

By Leslie | Dec 6, 2018

This, my Friends… Is a master list in progress… 1. The average speed a horse gallops is 30 miles per hour 2. The fastest speed of a racehorse ever reported was 43.92 miles per hour  “Winning Brew” at the National race Course at Granville, over a distance of 402 meters in 2008 3. A horse…

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The Name Of A Horse…

By Leslie | Oct 24, 2018

What is a baby horse?  This is one of those great questions that flies around a lot because it’s so often confused! Here’s the true and definitive rundown of the main horse designations A baby horse of any gender from birth until it is one year old (or with some breeds like the Thoroughbred, until…

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Treating and controlling Strangles in horses – 4 Crucial Steps

By Leslie | Oct 16, 2018

When it comes to equine management, Strangles in horses is a tough one… Put most simply, it’s like the horse version of Strep throat – indeed the bacteria behind it is called *Streptococcus equi* – a relative of the thing that will cause them to send your kid home from school. If you have a…

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