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The Complete Horse Guide To Basic Horsemanship
The Equine Safe Presence System

How to establish a safe presence with your horse & build your own leadership instinct.
(so you won't look like the newbie in the stable!!)

Here's What You'll Discover On This Free Workshop


The most often missed fundamentals and strategies for establishing a safe presence with your horse that will allow you to build a lifetime of horsemanship, knowledge and enjoyment of these magnificent animals.


The four-step system that provides the same horsemanship foundations employed by the most talented horsemen in the world

Secret Handshake

4 things to avoid that are clear signs to horse people that you don't know what you're doing (and when you look like you look like you know what you're doing, it's the secret handshake that makes them teach you more of the good stuff.

Fringe Benefits

2 practices that (like much of the experience with horses) can apply to and vastly improve other areas of your everyday life... quite unexpectedly.

Quiet Authority

How to gauge and approach any horse correctly with quiet authority

Over My Shoulder

A walkthrough and explanation of exactly what I do when working with my horses every day (and what I teach my clients around the world to do) without the typical intimidation and impatience that horse friends and instructors may carry without realizing it.