The Complete Horse

Whether you’re a lifelong horse veteran, or a lifelong dreamer... this is your place

What Is The Complete Horse

From humbly and discreetly teaching the basics that will make you welcome in any stable and respected by any horseman, to filling in the blanks of general horsemanship and knowledge, we'll help build your foundations.


We'll visit with the worlds best equine innovators, facilities, lifestyles, and most beloved equestrian characters, bringing the best of the horse world to you and building knowledge.


At it's core is the scent of a clean warm stable, the freedom of a gallop, and touch with that older thing that reaches across borders and through the ages.  The Complete Horse is your home for all things equine.


Leslie Goodyear

If you want to learn how to handle your horse...

Then I urge you to check out Leslie Goodyear's "Beginner's Guide To Horsemanship. It's a simple, but in-depth course with layers upon layers of visual information to turn you into a master of horsemanship quickly. Total brain meltdown once you start going through her courses and realize how simple it can be. Major mindset shifts... I can 100% recommend it.

- Richard Matthews, Murrieta, CA

Absolutely stunning...

Leslie Goodyear is on of the best equine storytellers in our lifetime. She is able to capture her horses complex lives in a simple beautiful way. Her new show on YouTube following the story of her horses is both fascinating and beautiful..

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Our Why

When a person steps into a barn or a pasture with a horse, the best of them shift gears… like an athlete, musician or artist, they step into the moment of elevated excellence.

Horses can at any minute, injure you or lift you.  Within that risk lies the opportunity for another kind understanding that elevates you  

makes you better…

makes you more.

Most everything with our experience with the horse may be defined by an alchemy of system and instinct.  This practiced focus and notice and connect is the gilded thread lacing through all of horsemanship.


We call it Absolute Presence.


Your partnership with the horse reveals who you are as a human being.  Are you a benevolent leader? Overly controlling? Anxiety riddled? Indecisive? Aching for depth?  

His generosity will reveal it... and your control over that is as it is in life - within the power of your notice and your decision.

Here is your opportunity to be what is better in the present moment - with equus as your barometer and as your guide

...because their response to you and those who came before you is standalone, pure and definably true.'s you who may be forever changed.

Take Your Horsemanship to the Next Level

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