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"Anyone can stand quietly toe to toe with the experts in the horse world.  All it takes is system, awareness, and a humble desire to fill in the knowledge gaps."
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Not your typical training.  This information is power packed - designed to solve your problems quickly and get you on your way.

Like having a straight talk with your horse pro friend over a cup of coffee, this masterclass with over 30,000 horse evaluations and deals behind it will help you be your own advocate as you navigate the process for finding and purchasing your new equine partner.

The most valuable thing to know when evaluating a horse for purchase is that perfection doesn’t exist. The key is finding the imperfections and measuring them honestly and systematically against your ideal horse. This might be the most important process in your life journey with horses, so having a solid, consistent system to lean on here will help start things off right

The most disempowering part of equine costs is not knowing what they are.
If you're struggling to figure out the real costs for keeping horses, you're in the right place. This eBook will guide you through the whole process to build a clear and honest picture of costs behind horse ownership.

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We have a special heart for St. Jude Children's hospital... If you feel the nudge and donate $100 or more, I'll jump on a call with you for an hour to help with anything equine!

Friesian Stallion Vance galloping for The Complete Horse St Judes Children's Hospital fundraiser
The Complete Horse Leslie Goodyear & Orgulloso BV


Hi There, I'm Leslie Goodyear

I've been in the horse business for a little more than 3 decades, and I have to say, these remarkable souls have taken me to some pretty amazing places.  With all of those years in the equine management, acquisitions and consulting trenches, from the Wyoming Rockies to Kentucky, Normandy, Great Britain, France, Abu Dhabi and more, I  have built a boatload of knowledge that I love to share.

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